A Note from Roger Murrah

Ted Jones has something to say... and a special way of saying it... singing it. He’s a poet, a songwriter, a dreamer, interpreter, philosopher, thinker, he cares, he’s distant and close, a doer, Americana, folky, dylanish, soft-spoken, zealot, a salesman, original, a believer, promoter, he has a passion for creativity, curious about life, curious about people, undaunted by the rules. Ted Jones is a wayfaring astronaut, inviting us along for the ride and it’s a beautiful day for a ride.

To my friend,
Roger Murrah

About Ted Jones

Ted Jones, a native of West Tennessee, moved to Nashville in 1990 after completing a 2000 mile sojourn along the Appalachian Trail. He quickly became a popular figure within the songwriting community and host of the celebrated Raggedy Man Extravaganza. He attended Belmont University, majoring in religion and graduating with honors in 1999. For the past 12 years, he has researched and studied the interpretation and significance of dreams. He became a staff writer with Murrah Music in 2006. Currently, he continues to write and perform in singer/songwriter venues around the region.

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