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Life and the hereafter - Lyrics

Long Dry Spell

He never knew how to play very rough
He didn't want to get his hands all dirty
He never really knew how to love
He gave up on his heart real early

Maybe you've seen him around
It's hard to say one way or the other
Somebody new in this town
Or maybe he's your baby brother

He goes around and around in his mind
He contemplates the edge of a razor
Take a deep look in his eyes
Get a taste of that lonesome flavor

Is he the only one--is there anybody else
He's talking to the stranger living inside himself
He's wondering if anything's ever gonna change at all
Or will he just keep counting on--
A long dry spell

It's the winter time that's the hardest to bear
His blood runs thin as he keeps getting older
Must be a place that's warm somewhere
But every day the wind blows a little bit colder

Gonzalez, Jones

Man Enough

I love that color on your skin
Tell me all about your day again
Why don't we take a slow walk going nowhere through the park
And talk about your dreams and all your friends

Or let's sit down and dine by candle light
Pour a glass of wine and gaze into each other's eyes
It's these and other mysteries and words that never came to me
To say and you never got to hear
All the things you never got to hear

And way up in the heavens where the stars hang out to play
Farther than the sun goes 'round a million miles a day
You can stack up all the pages
You can sing the rock of ages
But there still ain't nothing near as far away
As what a woman wants to hear
And a man is man enough to say

Leave a note beside the bed
With I love you's and little hearts in red
And I'll write a song and tell the world how much you mean to me
'Cause you mean everything
You mean everything to me

Man enough to shed a tear and to say he's wrong
And to beg her not to leave
Please don't leave me--alone

Singleton, Jones

Out of the Blue

Always lovely the stars at night
They hold a place in heaven and fill it up with light
Always shining and doing everything they can
For all the wishes ever made in the heart of a man
On a star that fell out of the blue

Watching over me
Watching over you
Wherever we may be
No matter what tomorrow brings
Something good or in between
The stars shine on everything
And they keep on shining

Little seeds of hope born into this life
Like little birds know how to sing long before they fly
And I believe the songs they sing are full of love and truth
And if I could wish for anything that's what I'd wish for you
On a star that fell out of the blue

Gonzalez, Jones


You may not want to hear what I'm 'bout to say
But you might as well listen I'm gonna tell you anyway
And you can shake your head and roll your pretty eyes
You can say I'm being foolish but you just can't deny

That I could fall for you
Let my whole world revolve around you
It's just a thought 
Take it it anyway you want
But I could fall for you

And you can tell me you don't know me very well
And talk about all the times other people fell
And broken hearts and promises and love that didn't last
Maybe I could change all that if you give me half a chance

No don't bet your heart on true love they say
But you never know stranger things happen every day


Window Pane

I can feel the tremble of the thunder in the air
And the beat of her heart and the tingle of her hair
And the rumble of the rails beneath the midnight train
I can feel everything when I touch the window pane

I can see the colors of the rainbow in the morning light 
And the shadows that grow longer as the day turns to night
And the dreams that take her to a distant place
I can see everything when I touch the window pane

When all the some day promises and all the secrets past
When all the love between us comes tapping on the glass
Will it shatter will it matter at all if anything remains
That's the thought that keeps haunting me when I touch the window pane

I can hear the whisper of the wind and the stars that are falling
I can hear her waking up to the sound of angels calling
Even after it's gone I can hear the song in the rain
I can hear everything when I touch the window pane

Gonzalez, Jones

Small Consolations

You know what you know but it's hard to explain
The feeling you feel when you're feeling this way
You want to go back you want a second chance
To return to the love that lives in the past

And you get what you get what you get you deserve
But what would you give if you could be back with her
And hold her and touch the edge of her dreams
And see through her eyes all the love that could be
Instead of these

Small consolations 
Like knowing how it feels when a true love is lost
Small consolations
Like knowing that somebody loved you at all

You do what you do you do the best that you can
You don't let a good love slip through your hands
You have to know when something real comes along
And make the most of the moment before the moment is gone

Not sometime later on
'Cause you need someone
Instead of these small consolations

Gonzalez, Jones   

Land of the Living

Nothing's perfect nothing stays the same
Nothing lasts forever even the sacred things change
No good deed goes unpunished nothing hurts like the truth
No rest for the weary and nobody escapes the blues

As it was in the beginning
So it is now and evermore 
Stumbling 'round in the land of the living
Waking up with the weight of the world

Tell me that you love me say you always will
When the days are dark and lonely and the nights are long and still
And I'll hold you like a baby oh my baby don't you cry
Go to sleep and dream about tomorrow and all those things you keep deep inside

All those things deep inside

Gonzalez, Jones

Deep Blue Sea

The sun goes slipping down again
Good night sleep tight my old dear friend
I'll see you in the morning
Sweet dreams and love till then

The fog comes drifting across the bay
And the rocks hold fast against the endless waves
And the pelican bows his head and prays
For the lighthouse and the harbor safe

On the highway to the deep blue sea
There's an angel rides beside me
She's got all the love that could ever be
On the highway to the deep blue sea

She wears a gold locket around her neck
And it holds the key to a secret
Way down deep in her treasure chest
She wants so bad to be kissed to death
     Kissed to death

Ol' Michigan Jim's a good friend of mine
I'll go look him up from time to time
We'll open up a big bottle of wine
And watch the ships of the world roll by


Misha Like

There ain't no heaven if there ain't no stars
There ain't nothing to mend without a broken heart
And sometimes the wind don't blow nothing but the blues
And I ain't no good without you

There ain't no shore without the deep blue sea
Angels can't fly without there wings
And the tide won't rise without the moon
And I ain't no good without you

And I misha like nothing else
I misha like misha like hell
Misha so bad can't you tell
Oh I misha like hell

The grass don't grow without a little rain
You can't leave the station if there ain't no train
A home ain't a home without a love that's true
And I ain't no good without you

And so the world I knew with you comes to an end
And nothing's ever the same again

Gonzalez, Jones

Middle of a Dream

When I'm in the middle of a dream
I can see things like I've never seen
And anything is possible anything
When I'm in the middle of a dream

Just a little kid standing in a crowd
Somebody calling calling my name out loud
They said come to me see what it's like in the clouds
Take a look around

Where the air is clear and you can see the whole world wide
And the sky is blue and the wind takes you for a ride
Like an eagle above the mountains high
For a moment I could fly

It's the same ol' story over and over again
When the stars are falling that's when the dream begins
And the voices are calling I can hear 'em whisper in the wind
They say let the great world spin

Gonzalez, Jones



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