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A Review of Music Love & Friendship Society by Gail Davies

Rags has a wonderful style of singing and communicating his ideas. That’s what good music is all about.

Critique from an independent producer's point of view --- first, the girls' voices overall are mixed well into the tracks, as they are not being presented as "background singers" as much as duet partners, even though there is usually more than one voice at a time. Their voicing reminds me of the Beatles, which is very cool, and their performances are brilliant. Angels' Waltz is fantastic. Well written, nice phrasing and lyrics. I would pull the girls back just a tad in the middle. The blend at the end is perfect. The "hush hush" is nicely done. Bittersweet Love is an excellent song. The vocals are where they should be. I also like the segway into One Life. I had my eyes closed and was totally into the song. Say When is so soothing and positive. It is amazing for such few instruments, that the sound is so big and beautiful. I am very impressed with this song. Deepest Shade of Blue is the only song where I feel the girls are overpowering the lead vocal. There is a nice bluesy feel that the guitar has established. You Are has, once again, some lovely Beatles voicing from the girls. Excellent song. Can't Wait Until Tomorrow is probably my favorite cut on this album. Rags has a wonderful style of singing and communicating his ideas. That's what good music is all about. The girls are placed perfectly in this mix. Rags to Riches is a great song. I love the line about taking time out to go fishing. The girls really shine on this song, as does Rags' vocal.

RM - Music Love & Friendship SocietyRM - Music Love and Friendship Society

Rob Maston lends his classically trained ears, his road-tested intuitive skills as a musician, and his profound ability to capture the moment as chief engineer, trusted advisor, and friend. S

leep Til May. I will be forever blessed having had this opportunity to work with Katie James, Maria Humphries, and Deana Berry. Their angelic harmonies and precise arrangements provide what I had imagined to be the centerpiece of this recording project… only better.

Ilya Toshinsky among his many gifts as a player, perhaps most significant, his talent for hearing the heart of a song, and knowing instinctively how to make it stronger, more well defined, and more fun

Julie Sola has a special knack for reflecting the spirit of the music with her colorful and vibrant cover designs… professional with a personal touch, always.

Elaine Mooney once again ties it all together, handling layout design with technical dexterity, artistic flourish, and sweet disposition.

Paul Scholten provides the friendly atmosphere and studio space at county q production. Also, at the Q, Jim Dulin may be relied upon to perform an excellent job of mastering. In addition, we are most fortunate to have Paul contributing all the percussion work for these sessions.

Finally the amazing Connie Reeves makes certain RM Deluxe and Dream Train Music are perennial favorites for coolest website award.. My thanks to fellow songwriters Micky Braun, Chuck McGill, Jonathan Singleton, and Bruce Wallace.

Music Love & Friendship Society -- Photos by Becky


Fact is, they don't call it the Music, Love, and Friendship Society... They call it the music business. Oh well.

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