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it's a rainy day won't you wait just a minute
let me hold the door let me open your umbrella---
let me hold your hand walking down the street
let me be the man treat you like Cinderella---
you could spend your time with other guys
or you could be with me I'm a simple kind of fella---
Willamina won't you give your love to me---
we could go for a ride take a little drive
through the countryside you and me have a real adventure---
you could be right here whispering things in my ear
little things we could do together--
'cuz one of these days I can hardly wait
I'm gonna hear you say you wanna be with me forever---
Willamina won't you give your love to me---
I don't believe in many things but I do believe in heaven---
you're everything I could ever need and then some---
won't you give your love to me...

- Singleton, RM


I was drinking hard like I still do the night I got my first tattoo...
hell I guess I'll just tell the truth when Gracie turns a certain age...
why I work so hard without much to show why I spent so little time at home...
these are things she'll want to know when Gracie turns a certain age...
when Gracie turns a certain age and real life slaps her in the face
maybe she can learn from my mistakes when Gracie turns a certain age...
she swears she's got her momma's eyes that's why grandma looks at her and cries...
well I hope she takes the news alright when Gracie turns a certain age...
may be some things that I'll leave out may be some things that I'll lie about
but I'll cross that bridge with her somehow when Gracie turns a certain age...

- Singleton, RM

Always Waits

wake me in the morning send me on my way
with a song in my heart that I can sing all day
and I'll keep humming right along till the day is gone
till I come home to a love that always waits...
if I'm working overtime running way behind
she takes it all in stride Lord knows she's a saint...
love that always waits...
pour me a cup of coffee tell me 'bout the dreams you had last night
give me one little kiss to start the day off right
nothing else could see me through nothing else would ever do
nothing quite so true as a love that always waits...
if I'm out on the road days away from home
one thing keeps me going keeps me in the race...
love that always waits...
don't think that I would be much use just a poor excuse
if I ever were to lose a love that always waits...

- RM

Jack Pumpkinhead

hey Jack Pumkinhead thought you was dead
ain't seen you around for a good long while
ever since I was a little child
and my grandma read Jack Pumkinhead...
ain't that ol' Huck Finn floating 'round the bend
like a river song rolling along down to the sea
you can hear it call like a long lost friend
ain't that ol' Huck Finn....
we've come a long long ways
now we're turning back turning back the pages...
Lil' Orphan Ann I was wondering where you been
come down from the shelf you've got some stories to tell
you better watch out I remember 'em well
I want to hear 'em again Lil' Orphan Ann...
thinking 'bout the good ol' days...
hey Jack Pumkinhead...

- RM

Voice of America

I am the voice of America working this farm
till the sun goes down on the heartland
like my my father before me plowing these fields
and planting the future in my children's hands best I can...
well an honest day's work made this country strong
just trying to live right and help each other along
and ol' glory still waves in the dawn's early light
and it reminds me that I'm free...
I am the voice of America...
I am the light in the harbor burning for the world
to see hope and opportunity...
I am the gateway to the west
from the mighty Mississippi to Rocky Mountains
and the redwood trees sweet land of liberty...
where the wind lifts the eagles' wings spirits fly
and people dream and give thanks
and pray and still believe...
I am the voice of America...

- Witt, Wallace, RM

According to Paul

you can find him at the diner
drinking coffee playing dominoes in his favorite chair
nobody sits there 'cuz everybody knows...
he was a cowboy and a poet and a soldier in his younger days
he never talks about the war and how he just barely got away
he'd say that was a real real close call...
and according to Paul you gotta keep a little faith
fight the good fight and run the good race
take care of your sisters and believe in your brothers
and love one another most of all according to Paul...
well the whole town gathered 'round
when they laid him down in his Sunday best
and the preacher had a letter he read out loud
it started out if you're reading this I'm gone...
people come and people go
and you never know who's gonna be a friend
who's gonna treat you right
give you good advice
help you try to be a better man maybe lend a hand...

- McGill, Singleton, RM

The Man That I Am

I'm just the man that I am
I always say please ma'am
and I thank you kindly everywhere I go...
I play guitar in the bars
but I ain't no big rock star
and I can count on two hands all the things I know...
I've been baptized criticized
I keep my eye on the prize
and a loaded gun underneath my seat
I may move a little slow
that's the way it goes in Tupelo
I smoke cigars and drink my whiskey neat...
I'm just the man that I am
some people say I don't give a damn
they can think what they want
but it just ain't true I try to do what's right
I don't lie and I say my prayers at night
'cuz momma told me that's what I'm supposed to do...
and I don't mind being me
I don't know who else to be
I'm just the man just the man I am...
just a face in this town
guess I might as well keep hanging 'round
I'm just the man just the man I am...

- Singleton, RM

Ode to Harlan

driving 'round this town
ain't got nothing but time to kill...
it's happy hour and a cocktail right about now
would surely fit the bill
looking for a friend of mine
he sees the world in a special kind of way
he don't talk that much
but when he does
I hang on every word he has to say...
he'd say three chords and the truth
that's the kind of song a man should write
'bout the women that he's loved
and the heartaches he carries through his life
and how the world can fall to pieces
and you need a drink and a little strong advice
there'll be words of wisdom waiting
wherever Harlan's drinking tonight...
writers come and go and precious few
stand out from all the rest...
I've got a tiger by the tail
'bout as good as a man can get
trying to find the words
to go with these three chords
Lord help me get it right
and we'll write a song and send it out
wherever Harlan's drinking tonight...

- Rhody, RM

Must Be Nice

she loves James Dean,
coffee and cream...
she flies in her dreams,
she don't know what that means
I wonder if she told him everything
like she told me...
he's gonna wake up holding her tight
her and the sunrise sweetness and light
he don't know what
that leaving look looks like in her eyes
and it must be nice...
she wore crinoline down in ol' New Orleans
and we danced in the rain
she was only eighteen
she told me that she was happy
as she ever would be...

- Webb, Singleton, RM

Living in Paradise

I probably ought to say
my prayers a little more often than I do
I call myself too busy
but that's really no excuse
but the Lord keeps on forgiving me
I don't know what He's thinking
and everyday He blesses me
reaches out and keeps me breathing...
I ran off to the beach
and married a girl
both us starting out in this great big world
and she's always doing wonderful
and I'm damn lucky to have her
to remind me of everything
in this life that really matters...
Lord I've got more than I deserve
don't be surprised when you see me back in church...
and when I lay my head on my pillow at night
and the woman I love is holding me tight
I must believe I'm doing something right
and it's one more day living in paradise...

- Singleton, RM


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