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Destroy the Blues

hey mister say you got the blues
feeling low down and lonesome
too say you just don’t know what to do
hey mister got some news
for you destroy the blues
destroy the blues
you’ll feel a lot better
when you turn ‘em loose
destroy the blues...
little sister why you look so sad
little sister miss your daddy so bad
think about the good times we had
little sister why don’t you think about that
and destroy the blues...
the blues will lead you to the edge
I’m told take you way down a deep dark hole
spin you around out of control
if you don’t let ‘em go...
hey mister say you got the blues
hey mister got some news for you...
destroy the blues...

- Chuck McGill, RM

Sometimes a Dream

something old something new
something borrowed something blue
a little trip down to the beach
and all the things you and me said
we were gonna do find a house down by the shore
rocking chairs on the porch
my baby lives inside
she says her love is mine
forever more...
seems like a thousand years ago
somebody else I used to know...
sometimes a dream is just a dream
sometimes the mockingbird just sings
sometimes you hear the church bells ring
sometimes they just don’t mean a thing
no they just take you for a ride
to the places deep inside
where the little secrets hide away
sometimes a dream is just a dream...
some stay home some run away
some seem to know the right words to say
like I need you so much
sweetest thing that ever was
think about you everyday
I wish I had another chance
wish I could rearrange the past mistakes that I made
I’d go back and change
if I could but I just can’t...
seems like a thousand years ago
how was I supposed to know...
sometimes a dream is just a dream

- Jonathan Singleton, RM

Hell to Pay

daddy came home in ‘44
just a few scars from the great big war
somewhere in the bullets and the blood
and the rain daddy heard Jesus call his name...
he’d preach hellfire and damnation to me
and the Sunday congregation he’d preach the word
you turn or burn he’d say some folks never learn...
daddy said you can’t keep living that way
and he’d look at me in the eye
the trumpet’s gonna sound on judgement day
and daddy said it’s gonna be hell to pay
daddy said it’s gonna be hell to pay...
you shoulda heard sweet Katie sing Amazing Grace
lord she put a smile on daddy’s face
rumor was the two of them was fooling around
me and daddy got run right outta that town...
daddy said you can’t keep living that way...
daddy said he never had nothing to hide
but lord knows the truth can be hard to find

- Jonathan Singleton, RM

Two or Three Chords

she only knew two or three chords
she’d say that’s all I know
I’d say that’s okay play ‘em some more
I love the way you change
so soft and slow
then she’d say now
I’m gonna sing and don’t you make fun
it’s the only song that I do
it goes you’re the one
you’re the one
I sat down and learned it for you...
and nothing moves me
cuts right through me
makes me feel like a little child
I never get tired
I could listen for hours
I could just lay down and die
and when she gets to the end
I say play it again
baby you’re the one
you’re the one...
when I’m having one of those
feeling kind of low days
and the road I’m on is long
and it’s all uphill
and I need a little help finding my way
won’t somebody sing me a song
don’t you know she will

- Joshua Singleton, RM

Steal my Heart

it’s all on the table
take a look right here
if you’re willing and able
I’m gonna make it real clear
don’t you know I ain’t playing
I want to make you a deal
listen what I’m saying
I’ll tell you just how I feel...
steal my heart
steal my heart
steal my heart away...
well you know it’s been broken a time or two
it might beat a little slow
but it still beats true
oh it’s easy to take
if only you will
it’s just sitting here waiting waiting until...
you steal my heart...
I’m watching and waiting
guarding the gate
looking for a thief
sometime tonight maybe she’ll come after me...
steal steal steal my heart
won’t you steal my heart

- Jamie Davis/Dan Isbell, RM

This Love

like a prayer like sweet Jesus
like a story from the Bible it haunts me
it comforts me it stays with me awhile
this love this love I have for you...
like a dream that comes to me
when I’m fast asleep it takes hold
and lays me down my soul to keep
this love this love I have for you...
down by the river there’s peace
and the mountains have a wonderful view
but the heavens above and all that’s beneath
just can’t compete with this love this love I have for you...
like the wind that blows back the limbs
and rattles all the trees like the wind
that brings the rain and touches every flower and leaf
this love this love I have for you...
like the ocean waves rolling waves that rumble
and roar rolling waves that come so far
and tumble on the shore
this love this love I have for you...
this love I have for you

- RM

Like I Know You Somewhere

I may not be the brightest light you’ll ever find
might be a little rusty could probably use a shine
people say hey ain’t you the one she left behind
I say yeah that’s right and I bet you could sympathize
‘cause I can tell you’ve been there like I know you somewhere...
and you could cheat on me and treat me unfair
and I could watch you walk away
and everybody stop and stare
and we could lie
and hide the truth about our sordid affairs
and it’d be all the same just like nothing’s changed
like I know you somewhere...
promises these days are hard to keep
you never know who to trust
but I still believe a broken heart’s just a part of life
it don’t bother me
you know as well as I do how fickle love can be
just like everything else I swear like I know you somewhere...
you can laugh if you like
I don’t care you can call me crazy but
I know you somewhere...
like I know you somewhere

- Jonathan Singleton, RM

All I Know

don’t know much about Shakespeare
was it Romeo cut off his ear
for a little girl that broke his heart
she was a work of art
don’t know about apples falling out of trees
or some crazy old man with a kite and a key
but you and me are kind of like gravity...
’cause baby I know I could never make it in this world alone
I wouldn’t have nothing if I didn’t have you to hold
‘cause your love your touch your kiss your trust
in us is all I know...
heard the story about Delilah and Samson
hoping he would find her he looked everywhere
till he called out let down you hair
they say love is all you need
and it’s a many splendored thing
and it must be true
‘cause that’s the way I feel about you...
and baby I know

- Jonathan Singleton, RM

Run Little Darlin’...

run little darlin’
keep on running wild and free
run till you’ve seen it all
and there ain’t nothing left to see
well you do what you do
and believe what you want to believe
but you ain’t gonna find nobody that loves you nobody like me...
run little darlin’
keep on running down the road
run little darlin’
run fast as you can go you can
run away from trouble
you can run away to Mexico
you can run all night
you can run for your life
you can run till the cows come home...
run little darlin’
you got to run right out of the gate
run like an old John Deere
run like a bad mistake
run like the wind why don’t you
run for heaven’s sake
run run run run till you just go crazy...
run little darlin’ run

- RM

They Say

they say everything gets better with age
they say if you don’t like the weather stick around it’s gonna change
they say hold on tight help is on the way
they say...
they say the grass is always greener on the other side
they say you can run but you can’t hide
they say let the angels guard you through the night
they say...
these are the words we live by t
hey keep us warm and safe
if you listen to the lessons
don’t you know your life depends
on all the things they say...
they say the eyes are the windows to the soul
they say no matter where you are there’s no place like home
they say all you need is love love is all you need to know
they say...
they say don’t worry ‘bout what could’ve been
then they say that’s the way it is my friend...
they say

- Jamie Davis, RM


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